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BAY Shul Audio/Video Library



Rabbi Handler

The Golden Rules

"Jewish people and the land of Israel" shiur by Rabbi Francis at Bay Shul

The Meaning of Hanukkah.

Rabbi Grunberg shiur at BAY Shul


Listen part 1 here (mp3)

Listen part 2 here (mp3)

Tu B'Shvat, lecture by

R. Grunberg at BAY Shul


Rabbi Grunberg

Secrets of Elul


Rabbi Grunberg

Secrets of Purim


Rabbi Karsh

I lived in the world of five dimentions and survived to tell the story.

Rabbi Shalom Francis.

Purim: What is the Drinking and Craziness Really All About?

Rabbi Zehnwirth

Eternal Lights - The Symbolism and Power Candles in Jewish Tradition


Rabbi Francis

Moshiach, what should we expect ?

Rabbi Zehnwirth

Happy Rosh Hashana

A Deep Look:

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and Lag B'Omer


Rabbi Yehosua Karsh

The Museum of Things You Would Expect to Find in the Torah, but Do Not.


Robert Sussman

Investment "Advice". The Secret to Making Your Dreams Come True.

Shiur by R. Grunberg

To Be Thankful

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