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Rabbi Grunberg was born and raised in Forest Hills, New York. After he completed high school his family made aliya to Israel and he continued his studies in Jerusalem .  Upon returning to New York two years later, he began his intensive training for the rabbinate at the Rabbinical Seminary of America and earned his Rabbinic Ordination and degree in Talmudic Theory and Jurisprudence from RSA (Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim).  He has attended the National Council of Young Israel Rabbinic Training Program as well as the Principal Training Institute at the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools.


Before moving to Buffalo Grove, Rabbi Grunberg taught a weekly Torah class to teenagers and young adults for 12 years and spent one year mentoring and studying with youths at risk at Priority 1's high school in New York.  For  two years, Rabbi Grunberg served as the Director of Development for the Rabbinical Seminary of America and coordinated a very successful international Sefer Torah campaign in memory of its dean, Rabbi Henach Leibowitz. 


In the summer of 2010, Rabbi Grunberg moved with his wife and children to Buffalo Grove to join the Zehnwirths with the vision of building the Jewish community of Buffalo Grove. For five years, Rabbi Grunberg partnered with Rabbi Zehnwirth in the development of Suburban Alliance for Jewish Education and the running of its Jewish educational programs, Torah Academy day school and J-FIX Hebrew school.


As of August 2015, Rabbi Grunberg assumed the position of full time Rabbi at Bait Ahavat Yisroel. Rabbi Grunberg and his wife, Sarala, will be focusing on the growth of the synagogue as they strive to bring new ideas, programs and opportunities to the synagogue and the Jewish community.


Rabbi Grunberg is also a certified Mohel and is available to perform traditional circumcisions.Rabbi Grunberg can be contacted at



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