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History Series II



The Beginning of the Second Commonwealth

The Men of the Great Assembly


The Coming of the Greeks

Hellenism and Chanukah



The Hasmoneans


The Mishna

Rise of Christianity and the Fall of Rome


The End of the Talmudic Era

The Beginning of the Babylonian Talmud


The Rise of Islam


The Prushim and the Tzedukim

Emd of the Hasmoneans


Herod The Great

The Herodian Era


Agrippa and the Coming of the Christianity


The Early Gaonic Period

The Middle Gaonic Period - Saadia Gaon

The Beginning of the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jewry

The End of the Gaonim - Beginning of the Spanish Rishonim

The Development of Spanish Jewry

The Times of the Roman War

The Destruction of the Second Temple


Yavne and the Early Tanaim

Bar-Kochba and the Rabbi Akiva


The Beginning of the Mishna


The Age of Rabbi Yehuda Halevi

Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon

Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon II

The Rabbi Moshe Ben Nachman

The Christian Reconquest of Spain

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