BAY Shul Video - R. Zlatopolski 2015 Shiurim



Rabbi Zlatopolsky's shiur ( Russian ):

Shiur 05/15/2015

Ruth and Abraham parallels.

Shiur 05/31/2015

How not to forget your Torah knowledge - 49 ways.

Shiur 06/12/2015

Sheva Brachos the meaning.

Shiur 07/05/2015

The sens of normalcy in our lives.


Shiur 08/16/2015

Torah fundamentals II


Shiur 11/08/2015


Shiur 12/27/2015

Life of Yosef (part II)


Shiur 07/12/2015

The life of Shimshon part I


Shiur 09/06/2015

Rosh Hashana I


Shiur 11/15/2015


Shiur 07/19/2015

The life of Shimshon part II


Shiur 09/13/2015

Rosh Hashana II


Shiur 11/29/2015

Life of Jakob


Shiur 06/28/2015

Black and white in our lives.


Shiur 08/09/2015

Torah fundamentals I


Shiur 10/19/2015

The Concept Of Time


Shiur 12/13/2015

Fighting the Greek within us


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