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BAY Shul Audio - R.Zlatopolsky

 Year 2018




Shiur 1/07/2018

To favor one son


Shiur 1/14/2018

Remembering Miriam



Shiur 1/28/2018

Wisdom better than prophecy


Shiur 02/11/2018

Three levels of wisdom

Part I

Shiur 02/11/2018

Three levels of wisdom

Part II


Shiur 02/25/2018

Prelude to Purim



Shiur 02/18/2018

Three levels of wisdom

Part III


Shiur 03/04/2018

Take away from Purim


Shiur 03/25/2018

The meaning of Pesach


Shiur 03/04/2018

The role of the mentor


Shiur 03/18/2018

The benefits of solitude



Shiur 04/15/2018

The Story Of Creation 1


Shiur 04/23/2018

Torah Fundamentals


Shiur 04/29/2018

Bein A Giver



Shiur 05/06/2018

The Wisdom Of Jewish Letters



Shiur 05/13/2018

Getting Ready To Receive Our Instructions


Shiur 05/27/2018

The Light in Our Lives


Shiur 06/03/2018

The Tale Of An Arc

Shiur 06/24/2018

Leaving the Home Town

Shiur 06/10/2018

Understanding Noach

Shiur 06/17/2018

Maintaining Piece From The Distance


Shiur 07/01/2018


Shiur 07/22/2018

The Story Of Destruction


Shiur 07/07/2018


Shiur 07/29/2018

Two Promices To The Jewish People

Shiur 07/15/2018

The Shield of Avraham

Shiur 08/05/2018

Acquiring The Land Of Israel

Shiur 08/12/2018

Duality Of Ishmael


Shiur 08/19/2018

Brit Mila Part I

Shiur 08/26/2018

Brit Mila Part II


Shiur 09/02/2018

Brit Mila Part III

Shiur 09/09/2018

Getting ready for New Year

Shiur 09/16/2018

The Day of Atonment


Shiur 10/07/2018

Levels of Human Soul

Shiur 10/14/2018

Welcoming The Guests

Shiur 10/21/2018

The Proper Menu For The Guest

Shiur 10/28/2018

The Benefits Of Hospitality


Shiur 11/04/2018

Beleaving The Impossible

Shiur 11/11/2018

What Happens If We got Caught Lyiing

Shiur 11/11/2018

Destruction Of The Evil Empire

Shiur 11/25/2018

The Lessons Of Dust And Ashes


Shiur 12/02/2018

Introduction to


Shiur 12/09/2018

Light And Darkness

Shiur 12/16/2018 

What Happens When We Contrudict Ourselves

Shiur 12/30/2018 

The Sugnificance of Salt

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